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How To Get 10,000+ Views

On A Minimal Budget

I have been able to get over 10,000 views numerous times with a pretty minimal budget. Sometimes my views on videos have been 30k, 40k, even 70k. 
I can't guarantee anything, so 10,000 is a safer bet to assume that if you use these methods, you will achieve that goal. I will lay out various methods
that I have used for my videos or audio. You don't have to use all of them to achieve your goal of at least 10,000 views, you just have to figure out what works for you. 

Before using any of these methods, the following is very important

You must have a product that is marketable! There are a lot of people that jump into marketing their music or any other product they have that 
is not desired by the public. So, if your music isn't enjoyable, don't waste your time or money marketing it. Get better at your craft by getting real critique, 
not just people saying everything is always great. Your quality doesn't have to be top notch to begin marketing effectively, but it should at least be decent. If
the quality is no good, then people will not enjoy it. 

Now let's get into different ways of achieving your 10,000 view count goal:

1) Be topical

This can be talking about a particular event or person that is in the public eye right now. 

This can be capitalizing off of a meme as well. This doesn't have to be music! 

My "Please respond" video has 13,000 views. (link). 

"Please respond" is an older but classic meme, basically just begging someone to respond. 

My "What is Amanda Todd?" song has over 20,000 views

Amanda Todd is a girl that was bullied and committed suicide. I discussed how things like this could hopefully be prevented in the future. 

My "In The Mind Of James Holmes" song has over 15,000 total plays across all platforms.

James Holmes shot up a batman movie theater and this song was about what I thought may have been going through his mind when planning the whole thing.

My "Kendrick Lamar Stole My Music" video has over 35,000 total views across all platforms. 

I'm not going to explain this one. ;)

2) Network! 

Reach out to other people with the same amount of fans as you. You can also reach out to people with  much larger fan bases if you can offer something of value to them! Maybe a fan sign, a graphic for them, a song, etc.

It's best if these people you reach out to are in your niche. 

Not sure exactly what your niche is? 

Think yourself and ask others to say what the first 3 words that come to mind when they think of you as an artist is. 

Another thing you can do is think of artists that you are somewhat similar to. Now go to Facebook audience insights 
and see what other things people like that like their pages. So, for example, people that like Eminem also tend to like Tech N9ne, Hopsin, the Rob & Big TV show, and the Spencer's retail company.


You can also sometimes pay a little bit of money to get promo on a large page in your niche. I paid only $15 for some promo on my 
"Kendrick lamar stole my music" video and got at least 7,000 views just from that. 

My "Finger Your Nose" music video has over 12,000 total views across all platforms because of networking. (shout out to Pornhub)

My songs "Please Respond", "What is Amanda Todd", and "In the mind of james holmes", would not be as popular without
befriending people with much larger platforms.

3) Build up your audience

one by one

Aside from networking, you should also know how to build an audience on your own. After you've figured out your niche and
who to market to, you can start contacting these people. No, I don't mean spamming their inbox with 


You can of course do facebook ads for example, marketed to people who like a certain business or artist. But
I said we were going to discuss a minimal budget.


So all social media apps are pretty similar, in that 
they all have various audiences and in order to get their attention, you have to interact with them. 

Some ways to do this are: 

- Get involved in facebook groups:


AND JUST POST YOUR MUSIC. Those groups can have over 100,000 members and be totally useless because they're full of people that only want to spam their music and then leave and no one really gets anything out of it. You CAN use these groups if you use them to offer value to other artists, such as giving them feedback and then asking for it on your music. Then, you can possibly
do some collaborations with those artists.


But you also want to think outside of the box a little bit and 
think about what your niche is, then join a facebook group related to that niche that is NOT a music group. 

This makes it less likely that it's spammy. From here, you can possibly find a way to sometimes insert your music. You can also add people from that group. A good way to do that is to make a post, then add people that like that post. Then, they'll be more likely to know who you are and not totally ignore the request.

My "Kendrick lamar stole my music" video would not have the view count it has without doing this.

This stupid trolling video got over 70,000 views, and it didn't have anything to do with my music. BUT I DID GET FANS FROM IT. And I only shared this in 5-10 groups.

- As I said, all social media platforms are pretty similar in how they work. 
So you need to figure out how to reach your audience for each platform. 


I already went over some of my methods, but one more is to 
add people from "people you  may know". This can work wonders because
Facebook is more lax about how many people you can add this way, and you'll be able to easily get attention from people that are likely to like you. Facebook pages
can be very difficult to get reach on. I have a page that I built up to 20,000 likes and it's almost useless now

This is because Facebook wants you to pay for advertising. So, although you may have a throttled reach after a while
beause of being assumed as a business account, making a profile to promote your music is a great idea. 

The main downside is that you can only have 5,000 friends. But nothing is stopping you from making another account to 
promote your music, and inviting everyone to like your page (you can now do that quite easily).


My advice is
to post on your page, then share on your profile (at least after you cap at 5,000 friends).


Another thing you can do, since
Facebook groups are so incredible right now in that they allow for amazing reach without paying, is making a group
loosely based on you as an artist. I would

recommend it being related to your niche.


For example, 
maybe you make a music discussion group for your niche. Or any other group about something you're passionate about
where that passion is shown through your music.


Instagram and Twitter: 

Note, for Instagram, as they are also owned by Facebook, I would advise against a business account. 

I built up my old Instagram to 10,000 followers before realizing this and deciding that I wanted to start over with a personal account. This is because, like Facebook, your reach is immensely throttled as a business account

But for both of these platforms, you can utilize hashtags, not only by posting them, but particularly interacting with them. Be creative with the hashtags you think of. Don't just think music or your genre of music.

Think about what your brand represents, or what your particular post represents.


For example, maybe you're 
a sad sack rapper, (which is OK, i love me some sad sack rappers) then

you could look at hashtags related to being sad. 
Make sure people have actually used them. For example, some popular ones on instagram are #sadmood, #sadsongs, #sadpoetry, #sadquotespage, etc. (It doesn't matter which hashtags you interact with as long as they're related to your niche. But try not to use hashtags that are over 1 million. They're oversaturated.)

Then, you can go to top posts and most recent and start liking pictures and commenting. Commenting is where people really start paying attention to you
On top posts, if you comment something, it may not get attention from the original poster, but from others looking at it. Try to make your comment something thoughtful, not generic!


In my experience, I've gotten more reaction from going to most recent where they don't necessarily have tons of likes already, and commenting something thoughtful on their post.


Comment on videos in your niche, give feedback and then you may want to ask them to come check out one of your latest videos. 

This works particularly well if you're entering a contest! 


Remember this! Contests can be very useful, even if you don't win. So what do you have to lose by entering? 

You'll gain fans and maybe even be posted by the host of the contest and win prizes. 

My "I suck at everything" video was entered in a contest held by Hopsin's label at the time. Hopsin shared it and it sits at 37,000 views! 
I didn't win or even place, but it was still an awesome experience!


One last thing I'll say is that you should be building a brand. Be a personality.


Artists these days are usually not just artists. They're a public figure, an influencer.


Capitalize on your strengths! Maybe you're funny. Maybe you make great memes!
 Maybe you're great at analyzing things and can go in depth about a particular topic. If you are unconfident about your own abilities, 
ask your friends for help in either discovering what you can do, or helping you to create some great content. 

Good luck on your quest for 10,000 views! I hope I helped.


If you'd like to 
check out my most recent project, click here to to hear my "Part Two" EP.


Feel free to ask me questions as well. You can go to my contact page
or hit me up on messenger. 

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