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I made my name when I was around 16 and I thought it was really cool. Arson+Eye; burning your perception. May seem SINful to others, but you have to analyze for yourself! I don't really care about that so much now and think it's kind of corny, but I'm telling you because it's funny and I refuse to change my name. 

I've gone through a lot of phases. The 'I'm tough' phase. The 'I'm super lyrical' phase! The 'I'm super lyrical but also super depressed' phase. I've been edgy, conceptual, macho, elitist, jokey, etc. I am currently in my phase of singing melodic tunes and not trying too hard to be lyrical; very in my feelings.

I'm in quite a positive place. I've spread a lot of negativity in the past, but realize that all energy, good or bad, comes back to you. I want to put out good energy! I like making others happy. I love animals. I love people, even though they kind of drain me. I feel 

cute in my feminine attire, and some dumbass's narrow view of the world won't change

that or anything else about me.

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