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These are excerpts from what I remember of my dreams. I write them down as soon as I wake up from a dream, or later in the day as I remember more. I believe that dreams are not only a look into the subconcious, but a look into the spirit world. Therefore, I think that some things experienced are my own ego, but sometimes it may not be.

I want to show the unfiltered (as much as I can) look into my subconcious, spiritual mind. Some things are kind of embarrassing, but I think most people have probably dreamt of something equally as embarrassing or worse, they just don't show it. What can dreams teach us?

The white text in the middle is what I write in my dream journal, and everything else are my thoughts and interpretations afterward.

Feel free to leave a message in the chat box about your thoughts or interpretations. Welcome

Upward Curve

Naruto is our cat

Naruto was a girl that was human and could talk and we were intimate and you said she could use a strap on? She told me things that proved she was the cat. Then she said oh I thought you meant like the show. Tried to play it off like she wasn't the cat. But said stuff like,  I asked "So can you talk?" She said, if you teach me. And said, why do you think laurens parents like animals so much? They talk to them when you can't see.I was freaking out and no one could understand me and I thought I was crazy but the Naruto girl helped me. Puppy became huge and I played with puppy as is while I played with giant version.(Having more vivid dreams because I'm more in tune with my sprituality)..


New day


Looking for my animals


Other day, saving puppy.


Finding lore purse

Graduation party. Spencer


Interpretations? Or your own dreams?

Nathaniel. Was nice TO ME.


Lady was trying to listen and we kept talking. I was trying to be quiet, but still was talking. He was talking. She got upset and I yelled at her and we bullied her. Maybe she was a teacher.


Told my mom and mom was disappointed.

Colorful Tears

Lauren was trying to touch me sexually but I had masturbated and didn't want her to.

I was afraid to pee in the water.



Next day

Swimming Pool

Maybe this represents how Bonnie used to make fun of me and think she's above me. But now, maybe I am more successful than her?

Will died of covid




Next day


Throwing lots of dirt on Bonnie from school in the ground, as she requested

Cartoon Dog

Terry and vonda given a puppy by lore. She said they have already seen this puppy. I never saw it. We were all in a tree house. Terry was smoking a lot of weed. A cop came and was pissed. Somehow, Yoko bit him.


I calmed him down when I explained how he could just shave off the bites and then he was very friendly!

Good girl, YOLK!


Terry told me how he was uncomfortable with when we were on opposite sides of the car with the windows open and we were naked. Someone tried to interrupt me while I was performing (in a type or colosseum). Some fat guy. I went over and knocked him down and then he did it again. Went over and kicked him. A famous rapper was there and told him to take off the wheel of the chair and dance on it or something. We used Yoko to fight by holding her up to one another. She wasn't going to get hurt.




I was getting wigs for my grandpa and dad. I took a pic of grandpa holding like 5 instruments at once that he could play all of.

sometimes i just like to prove to myself it's a dream


I think this was showing that they accept me for my gender expression

Had some crazy adventure with my old friend Scott and some others




Was playing soccer. Had a coach. Was messing up a lot...


Had a long discussion with Lauren in dream world


Hearing lauren say "ego death would be great for you. I can't wait." And I get a big white flash where I was aware it was a dream but then i woke up......

lore face.jpg









Buffet. Pasta.

Ariana grande


Everything felt like Heaven without drugs..


I was in a room. On the floor. May have been the cabin. With rotting food

I went to an event. A wedding I think. Had some good food. Breakfast.


Dad said when I got up, it was 5:30. But it was 3:30, but first it was 1:30!! ****

good way to notice i'm dreaming

Grandpa was in my room at my parents house upstairs. He wanted lions mane pills. He went to carry a bed downstairs but Lauren wouldn't let him because she didn't want him to hurt his back.


Pool party. Someone rang our doorbell really late. Then I saw someone sneak upstairs. So I was chasing her around and she finally told me that her landlord said it was fine to come in qnd I was like wtf, who are you?? Maybe resemble Maggie?? Then were in a basement. Someone set up a video game station with old games. Played some fighting game i think, on ps2.

Then there was a party where we were I think on our land in cloverport but the water was more clear. Tons of people. People who went to our house were there.


Helped someone set up for some event. Gave them their phone that we found. And helped them set up flowers for their table



Was at Beth's house. Matt was there in an army jacket. Asked him if he wanted to come downstairs. I was reminded of asking him to come over before and thinking that it hadnt previously worked out.

Matt was one of my best friends from middle school

Lauren is somehow his mom and that's weird and she says I'm making myself sick smoking weed and eating in the morning. She used some word to describe that and joked with me but said she was disappointed. She was driving I think.

We go in the van and Mike (my uncle) and his family are there and my grandma (I think) and grandpa are there. Grandpa is strong and doing stretches. Beth (I think) notices and smiles. Grandpa held my hand for a second. ***

maybe it's about being stunted emotionally?

Eating tiny green apples


Lauren was trying to cook and kept telling me that the corn was bad. My mom was saying the corn was bad in physical world?? 


Keep having this girl im seeing in different dreams and im in school and I think she's 16 but she says she's 22?? She always says she loves me, in a friendly manner. I think i was age 20. But I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL.

middle school friend

And another one, seems older


And talking to [REDACTED] again


In class with Aaron. Stood up on chair. There was a class on singing and the music industry going on.

Some event where there was rapping too but I missed it.


Sayeed commented on a post.

haven't heard from him in a while...

We were at Fred's house. Laurens parents were there. Vonda couldn't get the money because of a bank issue and I was with lauren but then she turned into vonda.. $1000.

2 hot girls boxing for money at the pool cuz me and others asked


Someone on fetlife wanted to combine accounts. Got a lot of requests.


I was playing porn out loud accidentally. I said idk how this came up on youtube




I was with RA the rugged man and he was with his daughter and we went around the city. I had to help him to the hospital. Then he said he would be back for us. But I fell asleep and he was gone, but it was a good time.


In a cruise


Saw someone with 69



they were lol

also VERY vivid

Wrote a song about this one

someone i went to school with

Vague feeling like mushrooms were giving me bad trips


Kept dreaming I was trying to run away from kyle and the work crew and hiding from them qnd having meetings right next to them


Ben lark looking guy with blonde hair and piercings was trying to sing in the cafe but the barista got mad. My friend asked him to tell his story. His mom died i think.

Some guy said he was Anthony fantanos dad.


Anthony was with me.


Smash ball. You had to pick it up to use it in smash bros. Giant! Was a pokeball toy.


Couldn't move easily. Should be able to tell its a dream.

Had a dream I had to go back to high school for 3 years but Lauren could help me not have to cuz i didnt need it.


Stocks went WAY down. *clearly a dream. From 1000 spending to 300.




Kicked out of band in school cuz higher up saw me in a pic with dildo.


Peed in Sara's mouth on video. Posted to Facebook then delete


I had long beautiful curly hair. Lauren said was sometimes boring.


Anthony cornbread from hs got really upset because I accused him of stealing at a house that hoba shared with open? Stealing ipod and headphones. Guy turned into someone else then cornbread. Started out as a kid, at a movie theater. He was trying to fight me and kill me. He went crazy.


Cousin Ben gave me flute/piano. Played the turtle flute for him and he said it sounded awful and not to play it. Grandpa and dona staying with them and us


Hurting a lot and lauren trying to help. My arms


People were after me down the street at night. Hello Josh. As I ride on I think my scooter. Ranee was out late too but they didn't seem interested in her. They said, aren't you wondering how I know your name? 3 guys on motorcycles I think, with masks



Good talk with David


Graduation of some sort.


Was gonna hang with Levi and give something to Zack. People really liked me and I felt like i was going back to HS.

One of the people I least liked in school because of how mean she always was to me, but friends would joke and say I had a crush on her. Maybe I did and didn't know it, cuz look what I'm into now lol...

At an awesome museum!


Lauren said tske mushrooms 3 times that day


I was playing music at the museum. One song was til I collapse


Alex [REDACTED]. I was at some event at school and swung around a pole. Accidentally took her scarf and she said to give it back. My eyes were closed. I said who Is this? Then opened them and it was her and I said, oh, its you! She said, whatever pills you're taking, you need to BUY them! She was angry.

Felt irresponsible on mushrooms.


Maybe it means rather than growing and having infinite, buy so you can't


Told [REDACTED - Alex's friend] about it and hugged him naked. He was high af and laughing and crying.Told people how I feel like a superhero on shrooms...

Talked to sayeed about opium den and lore


Went to get pizza for vonda terry




Had 2nd gf.


Blonde. Was ion top of me..



Sexual relations with different girls


In pool with one and kept saying lore and I rubbed my dick against her butt but then i peed as a joke and she got disgusted and said I was sexially harassing her and ran away


Lots of girls I had in college in this reality


Kyle wasn't blocked again on ig



my actual college experience was kinda lame and isolating

Flirting with lots of girls




Pupils giant, very giant


Asked Lauren about goijg to cloverport and she sqid she wasn't ready



but when she was, it was quite the time

VERY VIVID DREAMS. (Maybe because I was listening to the guided journey to the upper world video?) I almost knew it was a dream!!



Talked for a while to Emily from work. She worked at the college I was going to. Went back to western? But people from hs like Spencer and Nathaniel and cornbread were there. Emily hit me with a shirt and said remember when you did this at work? She told me about how she had to find special ways to make her living situation work out, conserving money. But it seemed like she made a lot. Emily said she would do something for me (I can't remember what) if I cleaned for her. At the same time I was about to ask what are you insinuating? She said she wasn't insinuating anything. All my friends who didn't know her in physical world knew her. I was in a class where we watched a performance of Oliver tree and I accidentally whipped my dick out to fix my pants. Professor called me out. I had long brown hair, kinda jewy, feminine. I wanted to ask emily how much money she made. I asked if she still worked there and she said yes. I remember thinking about what she must have thought about me not having a mask.

Got a room and started college again thanks to Lauren. But I was in a dorm and they had a cat that peed everywhere. Wanted a refund on the room so I could go somewhere else that's a private room.

Wanted to masturbate but couldn't find secluded enough spot

At one point it was like I was in high school again but I was with Alex Zayne and Michael and [REDACTED], was cuddling [REDACTED]. I asked her if we were 15, she said "I dont know". She said something else and I kept repeatedly asking what did you say? Because it would tell me that it was a dream. But I can't remember. I ALMOST KNEW IT WAS A DREAM!! Michael didn't talk to me. Sometimes turned into a dog? Yoko?

Some Nintendo flying company bought the land. Someone was mowing it. We didn't have access anymore. Old mean guy at the top of the hill that lauren saw (who i also feel like i saw before) was angry at us and our family for being there and said to leave but lauren said to try to accept or push us out with his mind. Our parents were arguing and not understanding the significance of this old man.

I got my car going the wrong way and got stuck and finally got back to the school which looked like a Pokémon gym and fell perfectly in before starting school. Maybe college.

Asked lore at some point, what world (upper. Lower, middle, or something else) are you visiting while dreaming?
Lucid dreaming!! ----- I said it

Got burgers and hotdogs ordered and went to attack someone for fun, homeless guy cuz i figure it doeant matter qnd i can do anything but lauren is worried that he can get on the internet and fuck me over and he was the wrong person to fuck with even tho it was a dream. Jeremy trying to attack me jokingly with some rag or something.


I try talking to lore as she is on my back but she doesn't respond as we go towards the homeless guy again. I scream as loud as possible so the whole universe can hear me. She doesn't reply. I thjnk shes dead. I freak out but then she falls off me and talks softly about the homeless guy.

Then i "wake up" after going through a bright tunnel

But actually I am more aware now.


I see everything now in exquisite detail. Go on a walk. I hear things around me sometimes but don't see any spirits. I walk through what looks like shops with art and also outside. I see plenty of greenery and cute little shiny frogs and its rainy out just like in the physical world right now where i am. Everything is shiny. Rainbow colors all around. Go on a road path with greenery all around, sometimes.

I feel lore wanting to wake me up. She is standing up. I hide by holding onto some rocks below her. Then she says Josh time to get up and i immediately respond "ok" :)


in the physical world!

I THINK i was in the middle world and then the upper world.


With [REDACTED]'s gf lauren and argued with some 15 yr old. In car. I kept arguing and saying why am I arguing and then finally stopped. Took a test and wasn't sure if I finished it. Went to Wendy's? Lauren had little girl that 2ant3r to play with yoko. Lauren talked about how i gave her money different times.

Kyle had a spiritual experience where he saw that his new hire had been through a lot and how he teared up qnd now he could help him. Saw heaven for him with eberyone laying around and loving one another and having fun. Hyde there for some reason from that 70s show even tho he has sexual harassment allegations on him?


At parents house upstairs and and floor was moving a lot because car needed work? The car was the floor somehow? Car was underneath it.

I had long beautiful hair



In China. Eiffel tower replica but dangerous. Had a slide.


Listened to upper world journey and had a lucid dream again! Seemed to to back to that same farmland that seemed similar to the last time. Which is an expanded version of what we have physically. With lauren. She said, oh my God it's heaven. Looked like earth but I was flying. Lauren said again that it looked like we were at that particular place because I was amxious. I did that (flying) to see if I was dreaming and once I knew, I kept doing it! Ran around with old Jeremy (not my friend) from school and his kid for a minute. There were desks and a set up like a cafe on a hill near us.

Fantasy Landscape

Started at a motel I think and walked out (motel started as being in berea house and mom got me leftovers and she had dinner with grandpa and others. Before that, I think I started at a wedding. Grandpa was near me, I was thinking of giving him by blue hair painting for some reason and it could be a way for him to find out. Before being at the wedding, I think Scott was saying, it was a true Jewish wedding, joking about how difficult we all were. Then i was there! Experiencing maybe Jessica's wedding, or I think someone's that i hadn't seen before. Saw Kendra, she saw groom, said he looked beautiful or some word like that, was her wedding for a second. Not sure whose wedding it was initially, but it was a family members wedding that I missed and now I was seeing it. Can't remember much of the convos going on with my family.

I was so close to grandpa! Should have remembered to talk to him! Or see him later and talk to him!

gpa recorder2.PNG

At some point earlier was at wku and walking around a bit. Saw where we first met. At night.

wku night.jpg

Lauren saw me as a baby before

.. later. Not lucid. At a beach with lauren. She wa saying she was famous oeople in front of big crowd snd on radio station.. my writings almost damaged. Someone else. Maybe the blonde girl on the ground, i helped her get up! She had fallen in water.

Water was getting crazy and it flew me to a tree on the beach. Covered up my food box I was holding. Got to top of stairs and saw different dogs and mean girls making fun of lauren so I started beating them up including little girl.

Was with some African kid I met from internet apparently and he said he needed to show people he was serious, i felt he meant about his roots and race. He was upset that he won a contest because he felt they chose lazily because he was the last to enter. Someone asked lauren or him or they were one? Where did you get the meth? And lauren turned into him.


Car was about to get towed at some point tv

At one point before lucid dreaming I saw myself and looked like a baby



Almost tried peei g and pooping

Was gonna cuddle someone but maybe they had bf. Then was going to with vonda.



he was


Kept trying to talk to grandpa. He told me that he got a new haircut. He looked different. I didn't like it... I was told that he was journeying and it seemed something bad happened. But he was still there. Beth's house. Not lucid dreaming.

I remember wanting to ask him more about his life



Said I could deliver an acting bit after someone else I knew did. Tried but didn't have the tape and wasn't prepared at all and just shook and ran away LOL

Kept trying to talk to grandpa and couldn't get a quwstjon in. Beth seemed standofish again.


Was talking to Kyle outside and he said he really needed help. Was with lauren and she was making some jokes but trying to help and we were outside the car. A group of people were staring at us and angry as they felt we were suspicious and someone was calling the cops so we darted away.



Very vivid! Was being g Shown illustration animation of germs going down the foot. Somekne was testing bugs in a safari park or rainforest or something



At Beth's kitchen table. Jessica asked Scott why does he hate all her friends.he said he j h at dkenst like them

Grandpa appeared there and I cried and said do you know how many times I've seen you and just fuckkng wanted you here?? Was so happy

He started taking selfje with me

I should havw ralked with him but instead tried to get him to play dbz with me and it was too hard qghhh why!
Found a bunch of weird notes and videos on ipod


Spencer. Asked if wanted ri walk around.

one of best friends from high school (not saying much)

The show is "Woke"

Similar situation to kubby in that show where they care so much about koala bear. Girl wanted to fight me. Ben came up and started humping her. At b3r3w house.



I almost knew i was dreaming. In high school. Some of the same people, some not. I was so popular and had the girls all over me. Told someone, I am here from the future, but have come to be this age. My friend that I tell says, what? Who is the president? I tell him trump and he says holy shit or something like that.


friend from middle and HS

Exploring space on a cruise like thing

Was at some school event (play or something) nd Zack [REDACTED] stuffed his hands in ny mouth several times. I was freaked out and he did it again snd I kept kicking him off me. I thought, why does this always happen to me?

I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and sympathize but he kept saying how horny it was making him and I just couldn't deal with it

Went back to class and there was this teacher moving people in a line somewhere. I asked, what happened? She just gives me a robotic answer like, the line was disturbed and it had to be fixed. I said, why? Xan you give me a real answer? She just repeats. I say you're like a computer! Other teacher looks at me in shock

Missed the kanye west show of his beats he was putting on for me because I was getting raped



I'm sure he fired me

b/c he planned on replacing

me as soon as signing the 10-99 contract OR/and

b/c he found out I was


Was talking to people from [old job] i think? They were saying how democrats ruined everything and i was agreeing. Talked about movies. Tried to sell them on a financing guy.

Woke up feeling chaotic energy

Woke up feeling like not digital art was. Ery valuable and would be around forever

Me and Kyle had a nice conversation on the phone. Was about to ask why he fired me.

Was talking to people from [old job] i think? They were saying how democrats ruined everything and i was agreeing. Talked about movies. Tried to sell them on a financing guy.

Woke up feeling chaotic energy

Woke up feeling like not digital art was. Ery valuable and would be around forever

Me and Kyle had a nice conversation on the phone. Was about to ask why he fired me.

Was on top of a wooden house with gaps in ceiling and kitties were about to fall off

Getting haircut from Stacey, having long talk about lauren including our baby that I sajd I keep forgetting about


middle school friend

Playing some kickball thing with nasty puck. With kaleb qnd someome else.

In theater in berea community school. Someone's sparky bionic leg.



Vivid dream where me and lore are going through a conveyor belt type of ride or something I think. Grandpa was there being silly with me like messing with his eyebrows and eyes and laughing. I was in amazement and knew it was a dream.lquren was saying this isn't real and I was saying it was, anything can be real for you.

We then went to destroy rich people stuff but they were tough and I woke up kicking the cat lol. Was getting stabbed. Tried to break window but it wouldn't break so I had to open two or three windows to get out lol.

Was on water riding waves on a little boat with lauren and grandpa and dona were on another boat.

Made jokes with different family members. Beth said i could lay on the floor at their house. I did mhsgrooms with Jessica and connected with her more. She had grandpas house transported to her. She said no one appreciates these floors like I do. Or this house, cant completely remember. Said to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], do you want me to be a third part of your relationship? As a joke. They went with it! Did dimilar things with other family.

Oliver tree died


oliver tree dead.jpg

Big riots at court house following Breonna Taylor case. Lots of violence. I was scared. Was wiith David from work and he called for lots of women to beat them up. Then more. Then trump was also responsible.

Had another big dog that I was trying to fjnd.

Therapy with lauren and we were supposed to have sex

Vonda at some point went for fingering my butthole through ny pants


Saw David from [REDACTED - old job] again and he didn't see me and I was hiding from him.

I was arguing with lore.

Lucid dfeaming briefly and saw Beth vividly then went over to Grandpa and it was hard to get him to focus on me. I was trying to talk to him and my dad was saying stuff for him and at first i was upset but actually I wish i was listening because it was useful and now idk what he said.

Had a dream I wrote this stuff down in my phone.

Was seeing Stevie and saw a pic of us cuddling that I remember from before!



In car with Jeremy, Lauren, Andy, and Ben. Coildmt figure out how to get them all in at first.

Dreamt i had long hair again. I should grow it out, could just have a little hat! Beanie. 🥰

I took it off though and it was just wigs. I want real!

With Glenn from [REDACTED - other old job] and he said someone who was awkwardly trying to sell to me was gay

8000 dollar unemployment check

Lauren said she was tqlkijt to sayeed again

With Nathaniel and some kids from school. Was feminine sometimes. Saw scary blackness, seemed like spirits. Kinda resembled our land. Ran away! Stayed in tent. Went on train but left yoko in louisvlle at some fun house place. Dropped her down a slide somewhere inside. Kept finding this place with lots of dogs (in various) and maybe a wolf that were chained up all the time. In various dreams,, i see the dogs and i have mkre dreams and see more.. But some weren't and two dogs followed I drove back on my motorcycle (I think)?

Could be about

the soon to be

animal rescue

I'll be handling

big step up from being afraid of police

Went to talk to mom for a second but realized was outside and need to go.back in!!

Were gonna go on river kayaks. Bht with toby and yoko. Place yoko was left didnt spent o know she was there. Saw a mini tank that goes underwater and some police. One wjth weird car. Wasn't afraid. Was intrigued.


Talked to Terry and vonda while in car. Was crying and saying I missed them.


But didn't know what to do because I dont think we can just have a conversation and be over it.


Also dreamt that I woke up and told lauren about that.I keep seeing them in my dreams.


Maybe I should have them back....

We were outside the kentucky ayahuasca guys house and laur3n said look he's right here!



At a gas station. Drug box was open and looked through by a cop.

Posted on rapperpikachu


old edgy meme page

on Facebook

House was safe and supposed to be thid way but underwater.


Was gonna make someone matzo eggs. They were unsure about it.


was probably doing

this in school

Was trhing to impress stupid people for some reason.

Was at a big dinner. Had blood oranges. Eggs. Had a black step dad. Talked about Chapelle.


Simon Cowell was starting his own show and poeople were like oh man they're gonna tear him updoor?


Was talking to friends and gave them some food but they were gonna get something elae.

Intense arguing with dad. Screaming how he is always late, very late. He said mean stuff about me. Said he wouldn't talk to me because I needed to wash my hair. I got mad.

Worked with [REDACTED - last job] again. Was weird. Mitch kept bugging David about me. David used she pronouns for me supposedly because someone named Craig left and now its on me

Trying to have sex eith this girl that I think I've seen before. But everything bothered her. Couldn't thrust in. Couldn't lick. Bite. Was so confused. She had nathaniel try. But he sucked too but she liked him more?



Either a warning

from my subconcious

to not do DMT

until I'm ready or

a powerful entity

showing me

the immense

power of the


elements to not

do DMT until

I'm ready?

Warning dmt music was playing before bed

Kept hearing "dont do that" from a female voice. Was in the van and trying to decide If I should drive away because it was a safe spot or.too dangerous


Was showing definition the land in cloverport. Was a bit abstracted but hilly and beautiful. Told him about buying.

Some show where drake music was playing was on but I thought drake was the actor but he wasn't

Toby had 27,000 subscribers. It was really hard to be able to read it but I finally did.


Lucid dream

I was on the water looking at something in hearing someone talk about how people were destroying land and in general and in this giant boat appeared and so always huge waves peered site flew up got out of there am I see I see all this land and I see text the inland that I think says nike me wake the brand and I'm like over top of the world and I wake up



Modly food

moldy food.jpg

prob. about how

I keep not cleaning

and letting food get moldy?

Letter from killian that said please pm when you get it but I lost it..

Family was like so you work with fox news now? I did some. Againdt them.

Kept eating moldy food


hopefully the future? :D

Went to what seemed like a familiar place to stop in berea but was abandoned. Was gonna give money to homeless. But I felt very weak and I got bad vibes about getting out of my car and then suddenly a child appeared that song check please or something and it freaked me out.

Lauren asked what if I smelled her farts or ate her shit after she ate bird poop or something?

If you went past our house, there was a farm with goats


Was worried about taking days off of school, like I wasn't doing enough work

One of the cats. Maybe naruto, keeps speaking in wjat sounds like English

Checked my bank account and my money frlm check showed as being sent (somehow?) But no money in account





Me and lore interacting in heaven


In car to doctors officeSaw David from [REDACTED - old job] in a different form and told him I was grateful for him and his guidance. At one point were in my old house in berea but different. Was falling apart but he guided me.


There was a window.


We were on top floor...

Pink Collage

Setting nightmare where I was driving on the road and I couldn't turn on the lights and I couldn't see. I keep having this nightmare and this time I was thinking I need to see i need to see and "oh shit"
There was night out in the headlights would not stay on. Is talking with astrology with James I think and how he used to be into it.

(Maybe its telling me to not be caught up in the darkness of not love, that sometimes Christianity comes with.)


they're messianic jews

(jews for Jesus)

**Was taking to someone. Can't ememever about what who. Maybe my dad? Oh! Actually.  About Alex Jones. I think Alex Jones was actually talking  Bohemian Grove. Astral projecting there. As I was talking, I was seeing it! Saw big Rock structures. Reddish orange rock.
I was sliding down. Was almost lucid. Looked it up and that is a part of it!! ** as I was falling asleep, kind of saw a green robed figure watching me sleep.

(I should try astral projecting - read book - by doing that again. Imagine where i wanna go and talk about it as much as i can or think as much as i can?)

Demon looking kid. Turns to Aaron my cousin.kinda know I'm dreaming but sil can't stop. In water. Felt like i was too mean to Caleb as if I punished him too long. Maybe meant for someone else.


Kendrick is a huge

spiritual influence

for me. He's also Christian.

Was reading about Greece and


then Rome and how the Romans


used a lot of similar belief


systems, but the deities were a


little different.

Maybe this is saying, Greece is


where you really should get

your information from, as

that was the original? And not to


choose, but to feel and



Listening to kendrick. Easily going into dream state.

Why do I keep having these lucid near states of lucid dreaming? Christianity and how negative it feels to me.

Earlier. Dad kept ytrstiglmg l treatimg.toby badly. 9nenoj on le was y99d.

King Louis or someone like that. Onlt one who did something who also had lots of wives

Someone said I tjink : your head chose where it was in rome.

Granpa. Looked different. Annoyijg ne. Turned intobdad lol

Lore.  She got a hand drum.


Staying in someone's house. Lots of people. Toby, lore. Some people were really rude and had guns. Spencer. Talked with people outside and later they ran around with guns. Opened the van I locked and unlocked wrote personal graffiti all over it. They knew me. And were chasing me trying to kill me. James was around and said the people in the house couldn't do shit if things went down.


I think James

is representative of good Christians who really do mean well

Lore said we didn't get to the part where I n video yet whrr I was gonna cum my pants. Someone kept messing with us. I was supposed to perform for a while but never did

At [REDACTED - old job] office. Talked to David some. They asked if I rried messing with something to get 25,000 annual pay. But it was a differrnt name and person on picture. Just they had a dress.

Arguing with teacher. Miss Lambert or/and Worley? I was talking to my mom about them just jokingly complaining and they're like why do you keep you complaining???? Nd finally I was like OK IM NOT HAVING THIS CONVERSATION ANYMOR3E.

Am i in the wrong?

Dreamt i was possessed and has marks of the devil and losing my mind

I was going to get a dream catcher, but the woman at the metaphysical shop said I should analyze my dreams. I did. I stopped running. My dreams aren't so terrifying now.


what a beautiful park. with the chimpanzee humping someone and the fancy fountains. the horse ran right towards me. i'm terrified of horses, and the two people nearby didn't do anything to stop this horse. I prayed, please don't hurt me. I was not harmed. Onto the park on the opposite side of the road now.

Eminem was not impressed with my rapping.....

i wanna go back to school

world religions!!

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