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Arsini - The Grand Sun God

Arsini - The Grand Sun God

Streaming link: I look up to my Grandpa so much. I want to be like him. This is a tribute to him. See my website for cool stuff: @Arsinimusic Thanks to @empressmothra for co-producing the beat and mixing and mastering the song! Her site: Thanks to Killian @peaches_n_cheese for making the cover! lyrics: Nothin's good enough for you everything I try to write could never do you justice but i know you'd like what I made no matter if it sucks 'cause you can tell I put my heart into it thats the real discussion thats what matters, why we function you said so much without somethin bein said, and that really says somethin I dont like to kill a bug and if I can, ill get it up and back up on its feet they breathe the same air we do but its easier to crush them and you taught me that We're all here to take in what we can and all give back I remember that albino squirrel you got to snack in your house 'cause all the others wouldn't let him eat and all attacked you said while on the hospital bed, how would whitey react? that type of love is rare and since you left, been trying to find a match and now I've got a group of friends I feel like really have my back and you called Lauren my wife way before we ever talked of that The sun god is shining on us the sun god is shining the sun god is shining on us all shining There's so much beauty in the world You said the sun god was watching over you, and I believe it 'Cause your happiness was evident, and kindness the result I've been thinkin 'bout goin back to yellow springs to see it once again like you never left see the deer and community that let me in see the artistic expressions in their work and in the nature walks drink some water from the spring, so I can taste it all stay at the same motel that we would stay to talk might drive by your house, and ask it i can maybe stop might take a walk around the block and soak in your sunrays you raised a hell of daughter who raised a son who'd like to think he's on his way to be like you and even though you aren't physically on earth, I think your family and friends are using your light too and even though you can't answer in words I know that you'd approve of everything that wont hurt and that stays true I wanna be positive like you were give my love out and hope that others follow suit
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