I feel creative again now that I am making what cannot be made by anyone else as the instrumentation of my voice cannot be replicated 

What is the opposing side? Who is the real loser?

crazy bloated woman.jpg

I do not have anything to say. And yet, I'm so happy. I am living in the moment. I wish I were more creative. But I wouldn't sacrifice happiness for creativity if that is what it came to.

Freedom of speech Freedom of hatred

Freedom of my beliefs

Don't step out of line

I'm sorry that I'm not good enough and I'm never good enough and I think that I am only for a moment

I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!
I am creative again! I am experimenting!

What is this one?

Fucking disgusting.

Pick the right

side. Or  be victimized.

It's all the 

parent's fault.

It's not OK. It's

not natural and I won't pretend like it is. 

I miss you so much.

We grew up together. We were almost the same age. You said you don't

wanna join the 27 club. You said you were gonna give your mom 100 grand kids. You said you're not a rush. You said you're in a hurry. You said you hope you die quicker. 


I'm sorry that I didn't appreciate you enough while you were here, friend. 

Don't do it. Take me off. I'm sorry. You should know.

I really hope these drugs will work

Maybe if I get enough followers, a small percentage of them will pay attention to my new music

So much has changed. But I'm still the same.

I have lost some of my best friends.

I have gained new perspectives in more ways that I ever thought possible.

I have grown closer to her that I ever thought possible. 

I have annoyed people and freaked people out with my new findings and the way that I approach them. 

I just want everyone to be there. I want to be there.

There are times where I am perfectly serene. That is the goal now, to generally stay serene.

That is entirely possible and I believe WILL happen!



I'm a little obsessed, but I guess I've always been an explorer, even in my past life.

Wild Mushrooms
Music Performance

Freestyles allow me to be creative in ways that I thought I couldn't. They let me speak my mind, even if my mind doesn't initially know the best way to put thoughts together. Sometimes it IS the best way. And I've finally managed to bring her along!!!!

Does it get better? Godes IT get worse?

Retro Girls

We're still in the same place, and yet not, aren't we?

Where is proof of a god or gods, you ask? Where is proof of a spiritual realm?

How can it just be a coincidence that so many people have such similar experiences, when they have never met?

How is it that everything that the entities say makes perfect sense?

How is it that people can talk to ancestors and ask them a question that is later confirmed by other family members? A question, that you would have no idea of the answer to before asking.

Everything happens at the right time, the way it's supposed to.

Where do you think you go when you dream?

You're in a supernatural state, somewhat similar to when you die. 

The supernatural is right in front of our eyes all the time. We just may not be ready to see it for what it truly is. The supernatural and the natural go hand in hand. 

Some people need to experience it for themselves to believe, which is COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. Beyond dreaming and taking notice of things more, I implore you to go into deep meditative states, perhaps with the help of shamanic journeying rituals. I encourage you to be in nature, at night for the thinnest veil (around 3 AM) to let yourself be on and one with the ground, and to let yourself go.

You can only deny the presence of the supernatural for so long. You WILL experience it when you die no matter what. But you CAN experience it now. 

oh yeah mushrooms are also incredibly helpful IF YOU ARE SAFE AND KNOW THAT WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO CAN BE VERY SCARY. Start small. I don't want to encourage someone to do it that isn't ready, but they truthfully are the biggest reason for my growth in spirituality.

I have a lot of material coming out from my duo with my wife Lauren, 'We Found The Boat', that will go more into depth of our journeys. I love you.

My Grandpa helped. My research helped. But nothing could prepare me to believe as much as actually experiencing things like predicting the boat would come! Hence our duo name 'We Found The Boat'. Talking to the spirits, receiving answers that I know were not from me. Seeing Lauren's true form. Etc. I hope that I can at least get people thinking about this stuff, and then they can delve as deep into it as they want from there.




Terrance says there's only so much to heal before we are ready to explore. I am ready to explore, and then I am ready to fall down again. I can't seem to stay without combative attitudes.

You may think that you're above me. But you aren't truly happy. I hope that one day you can be. But it's hard not to get a bit of a kick out of your suffering when you cause me so much. I love you, ex co-workers.


Everything will be OK. More than OK. Perfect. Just how it's supposed to be. Thank you, spirits. Thank you, Lauren. Thank you, everyone.

I've been cocky. Arrogant. I'm sorry. I still have so much to learn. We all have our own paths. 

I keep feeling this jolt, or surge of energy when meditating or being in tune spiritually by reading or discussing. Pretty interesting.

I don't know if I want to keep pouring myself out very much but here this is for now anyway


“I'm OK. Just OK. Not great anymore.” 


—  Name, Title