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I believe I am 114 years old. A new, but old soul.

I am relatively new, but
also have grown a considerable amount in a short period of time.

That isn't to say I don't still have a lot of learning to do.

I have seen things that I cannot unsee. Seen things. Felt things. I have been possessed, but it was nothing serious. In and out.

I believe I have also been taken over by my higher self, by Gaia, and probably more.

It is truly unfortunate that there is so much information available regarding the metaphysical, and yet it's still seen as crazy because we live in a society that shuns these things.

There are so many accounts of past lives, the afterlife, spiritual things that cannot simply be logically explained. You can do extreme mental gymnastics to try to deny it, but it won't change anything. There are still forces out there that can interact in ways that you can't; that can see the past and future.

Lauren predicted the boat, and the boat came, the same day.

The neighbor saw a UFO and flashing lights above our cabin.

We healed with no words, only spiritual connection.

I made myself sick.

I saw the door to death, with the snakes and beetles coming for me. I wanted it. It's not a permanent death.

She smelled the fire that wasn't physically there. She found the soul of her brother there that is inside of her and was ripped from her.

I got the answers to anything I wanted to know.

We were shown who was truly there for us and who wasn't.

She saw heaven.

Heaven is already right here.


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